Modern Stained Glass Art Studios

While there are many admirers of ancient stained glass windows, people are discovering the current state of the art. A recent upswing in students who want to learn this ancient art has created a demand for glass studios, and they have continued to thrive in many areas. Modern glass studios offer classes, and they teach beginners as well as experienced artisans who want to learn new techniques. Many studios also supply students and local artists with the tools and supplies they need to create their own unique pieces.

As an ancient art, stained glass windows were often reserved for the homes of the very rich or religious buildings. This was mainly due to the high price of glass, and colored glass is still relatively expensive in today’s markets. Modern glass studios do have the ability to shop online for their supplies, and this helps keep the price down for finished pieces.

Coloring Glass

Sand is a basic component of glass, and it contains metallic impurities that color the glass.


Blown Glass Art

Traditionally, blown glass pieces have been made with clear glass.


Traditional and Modern Stained Glass Art

When picturing stained glass art, windows have long been the standard used to display beauty in this art form.